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February 3, 2010

For real time

by bmiller445

Last Night I was in For-Real-Time watching LOST. I sat in front of my television with no buffer built up on the TIVO and as things would happen before the commercial break I would look at my wife and say “For Real?”. We haven’t watched real time TV for any lengthy period of time in almost 3 years and it was great. We talk about the show during commercials, ran to the bathroom to get back before the show started, and watched live as the world of LOST confused us for 3 straight hours. This is how Television should be. (sometimes) It was great to be so into a story I didn’t want to step away from it and the added bonus of hearing my TIVO gong at me as I impatiently tried to fast forward only made the moment that much more exciting. It was a flashback to a simpler time ruined by terrorist and reality TV, but I repeat myself. I have decided that lost will be watched in real time come hell or high water. It is 1998 again and I will rush home from whatever I am doing watch a TV show. I can only think of a few scenarios that may prevent me from getting home on time:

Loss of my legs
I’m in the middle of brain surgery (getting or performing)
Death in the family (only my own)
Zombie, Nazi, or alien invasion
Becoming trapped on a mystical island (that one would be a push)

This is a pledge to watch TV in its most pure form, with commercials telling me what to buy, pee breaks with no time for poo, and conversation with other people in the room. People will sing songs about this one day.


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